Youre aDaisy if you do.

Frank Tabbita's stage credits include leading roles in A Streetcar Named Desire, Dracula, When Ya Comin' Back Red Ryder, Waiting for Godot, The Man of La Mancha,  Grease and The Sound of Music, in addition to roles in both dramatic and musical  productions. His film roles include, playing a gang leader in With These Hands, Debra  Winger's date in Paper Man (a short film made from a Tom Robbins script), a role in The Happiest Moment of My Life: Take Two, directed by Thomas Phillips, and most recently, starring as the lead character, Gerard in the award-winning film, Beat Angel (about the spirit  of Jack Kerouac), which Frank also co-wrote and co-produced.

Frank was most recently seen as Tesla in the internationally celebrated one man play; “Tesla, an Evening with Genius”