Youre aDaisy if you do.

Doc Holliday and the Angel of Mercy, a one man play written by Vaughn Marlowe and starring

Frank Tabbita, enjoys its NW premier at the Leopold Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom with performances

scheduled for April 30, May 1st, May 7th and May 8th. Curtain rises at 7:30pm.

 Frank Tabbita, last seen as inventor Nikola Tesla in the celebrated play,  Tesla!  returns to the

stage as the legendary gunfighter—Doc Holliday.

John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday, was an American dentist, vagabond, gambler, and fearless gunfighter

who sided with his friends, most notably Wyatt Earp and the Earp brothers.  The year is 1881 and

Doc is making preparations in his Tombstone Hotel room for what will go down in legend as the

“Gunfight at the OK Coral.”

Using  whiskey and Laudanum to deaden the pain of his burning tubercular lungs,  Doc takes us

on a journey of the Old West, de-mystifying his legend as fearless and cold blooded killer along

the way. What  really drove Doc to dare the fates to do him in?   Doc Holliday and the Angel of  

Mercy explores the man behind the legend—and the woman behind the man.